Fitness and health, designed to make your goals our priority

A key tenet of our business model is making physical fitness available to everyone.  Our #1 priority is to provide a safe, clean and welcoming environment for our members while they focus on their exercise journey.


Stop Beating Yourself Up!

You are a work in progress.  Which means, you get there a little at a time, not all at once

We constructed our team of nationally certified personal trainers with experience in nutrition, strength conditioning, weight management, muscle growth and maintenance.  We pride ourselves in assisting members construct a tailored plan to reach their weight and fitness goals!  


A trainer with over 12 years of experience. Austin is funny, enthusiastic and personable. He has a background in powerlifting and baseball.


From loving pizza to loving The GYM, Allan has lost close to 100 lbs. Allan served as a Marine and also has experience with bodybuilding as a classic physique competitor. From basic weightlifting to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Allan can help you get into your best shape.


Blake was a college athlete and now a physique competitor. Blake is great with corrective exercise and mobility. He uses a variety of workout styles to achieve his client's individual goals and needs. He spends time to get to know his clients on a personal level and makes his workouts fun yet challenging.


Alex began his training career over 15 years ago when he lost 120 lbs. He began his training career with an interest in bodybuilding, but has expanded his focus into gymnastic strength & flexibility training. Alex practices Shaolin Kung Fu and Sanda.

River Oaks & Montrose District, Houston TX 77019


At The GYM, we believe in convenience to fit your lifestyle. That's why we chose Houston's beautiful River Oaks neighborhood for our location.


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